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What’s the best way to catch a fish?

…Have someone throw it at you.

New Sea Win has been serving New York City with pride since 1992. We carry top quality seafood for our customers. Nothing but the best reels in on our lines and this is why we are your best catch! Quality you want when you want it is what we like to say, as it puts a smile on our face to see our customers satisfied.. Specializing in quality, price and service with our SEE-FOOD, what more can you ask for? Our trusty fishmongers get up extremely early every morning and handpick fish to deliver to our customers as fresh as it was in the morning. Make the healthy choice. Eat more fish. We guarantee you will be pleased. Are you New? See. And Win. Your body will thank you later.

What is sustainable seafood?

There was an awful fight at the seafood restaurant…Four fish got battered.

Sustainable seafood is seafood from either fished or farmed sources that are more likely able to maintain increased production without jeopardizing or harming the ecosystems and natural habitats from which it was acquired. There's no denying it. More of the world’s population is becoming aware of the problems the fish industry is facing; various things that dilapidate or damage this market such as overfishing. As more people become aware, the more the industry is inclined to resolve this dilemma. One of New Sea Win’s company passion is to help see people make the healthy choice- to eat more fish. With that being said, we only offer sustainable seafood. If our citizens do not abide by the Ocean Conservation’s beliefs, the oceans bountiful population of various fish can easily be wiped out. Disrupt the ecosystem, and the human race itself is at danger. We don’t want that, so let’s keep mother Earth going by staying green and contribute, one mind at a time, to promoting longevity to our human race, and to ensure the vitality of our oceans vast resources.