Category: Weekly Catch

Live Blue Crabs

7th September

Crabs have a few natural escape mechanism and one of it is autotomy which allows it to remove a limb in order to escape.  They are willing to sacrifice a limb to free itself. Therefore, when placed in a pot full of crabs, their instinct is to drop its claw to escape.  To avoid losing a crab leg, you can immerse it in ice-water for several minutes before cooking so the crab could be in a dormant or “sleeping” state.  Another option is to poke a sharp object into the crab’s “head”, in the shell underneath the mouth, to instantly kill it before cooking.


Price: $6.50/half dozen  or  $12.00/dozen

Hard shell jumbo Maine Lobster

11th July

The finest grade live lobsters from the frigid waters of Maine. Sweet,  succulent, tender, cold water hard-shells, and fill with meat. Enjoy the best! These make a perfect gift, or are ideal for that special dinner or holiday celebration. Best when: Steamed, Boiled, Grilled or Roasted.

Specials: 3-4lbs $8.49/lb1-2lbs $9.99/lb